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Angelic Reiki Workshops


Workshop 1 & 2 is Practitioner level

Cost: £252.00 

Carried out over 2 ½ days ~ usually Friday evening or during the day depending on students commitments), Saturday and Sunday

Upon completion you will receive  Angelic Reiki crystal, your Manual and Certificate (also included is pre-workshop treatment).

After attending this first workshop you will be able to use Angelic healing energy, for self-healing sessions, distant healing and to give healing treatments to others. How often you use Angelic Reiki for yourself, depends on your commitment, ideally on a daily basis would be beneficial as the energy promotes powerful personal transformation and healing on all levels from the physical, mental and spiritual levels, through to raising your consciousness towards Ascension.  The more you put into working with your Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and other light beings the more you will progress and experience.

There will also be information regarding setting up in business; forms, insurance, etc, and how to attune healing tools such as crystals, pendulum, essential oils, flower essences, candles, room sprays, pictures or angel card decks and so on.

Angelic Reiki is different to other forms of Reiki as it is not suitable for teaching on a one to one basis.  It is a group modality, where the coming together of a soul group, a group of like minded students.  It is a unique experience, sharing and care about the group as one.


Workshop 3 & 4 is Master/Teacher Level

Cost: £450.00

This level is carried out over 3 days ~ usually Friday, Saturday and Sunday. 

Upon completion you will receive a USB stick, your Manual and Certificate

This workshop will enable you to teach Angelic Reiki if you feel this is your path, or move on to a higher frequency of energy. 

During the week-end you open up to the next level of energy   the Master/Teacher level.  New experiences and awarness as you attune to  Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, The Galactic Federation and beings of 100% light. 

This opens out your path into the level where you are at the begin, learning and experiencing from each workshop, from each student, from the unique energy that come together, as they progress we hold the space and learn from the Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters and other light beings who guide the way.  Watching the unfolding of each individual as they merge and become one within their group, supporting and gently nurturing each magnificent soul, to shine their light for all to see.

After completing your Angelic Reiki workshop I am always available to support you and answer any questions you may have, come along to our Healing Share held 2nd Monday of the month to meet other students.  You could also join the Angelic Reiki Association and upon payment of a joining fee you are able to have your details added to the practitioners page, thus advertising your business. 

 Are the Angels calling?

Is this information for you? 

Feel with your heart, be the divine energy , your  Angels and beings of light  are waiting, with arms extended to offer un-conditional love. 

Experience the amazing energy vibration as you connect to your Angels and together bring peace and healing to all.   an

 Do you have a question, contact Linda.

 Open your Heart


                                              Students Comments

Thank you for the Workshop, I loved every minute of it. I really feel like it was life changing, I feel like I have found my calling in life. Every minute I was there was full of love and light and a serenity I have never experienced before, I didn't want to go home. Karen

My experience from the workshop was amazing I felt very comfortable with you and in my surroundings.  I felt you covered everything about angelic reiki, and felt comfortable asking questions and gained much more knowledge and understanding.  I have never experienced such peaceful energy which continued throughout the week.  I am also pleased to have met two lovely friends on my life's journey. Jo

I had the most amazing weekend with you, Karen and Jo! I experienced some life changing WOW moments which I am presently forming into a plan to use my skills as an Angelic Reiki Practitioner. I feel I am back on my spiritual path with a vengeance.  Caroline



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Please Note:


It is very important that students attending this workshop please inform the facilitators if they have had any past history of the following: -
Problems in the past with alcohol abuse.
Problems in the past with drug abuse
Problems in the past, or currently experiencing problems with mental issues, whereby those issues are being treated with medication.

An example of this would be antidepressant medication.
Failure to inform the facilitators of the above, without possibility to discuss the above with a view to the wellbeing of the student, will exempt the facilitators from any liability resulting from problems that might arise due to the powerful nature of the energies involved in this workshop.

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